Why does our governor want to ban vaping in New York?

It is beyond my comprehension as to why our “wonderful” governor wants to ban vaping in New York and, in the next breath, talks about legalizing marijuana. Doesn’t make one iota of sense to me.

The people in this state who are of legal age, who work and pay taxes, and have used e-cigs to quit smoking are getting shafted by Cuomo. Anyone care to explain that one? This ban has set a precedence in that Cuomo can now ban whatever he feels like and we as New Yorkers have to accept it. It’s e-cigs today, but it could be anything caffeinated tomorrow, since, as we all know, caffeine is an addictive drug, just like nicotine. Hope all those vaping teens don’t focus their attention to coffee, as it could be the next to go. It doesn’t affect you until it affects you.




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