What happened to Melchior Park?

I was home visiting my family [the weekend of Oct. 12] and decided to go for a wander around the neighborhood. I walked into Melchior Park on Kingsboro Avenue. I was remembering the wonderful days when we played there until the lights came on. I tried to wander some of the paths inside of the park and was surprised to see that many of them are gone — covered with grass and neglect. The fountain was not working and the upkeep of the park in general was just not up to the standards that I was expecting. I did note a renovated maintenance building with new bathrooms but no paths to get there.

I am wondering what is happening to the park currently and for the future. What is the plan? Will the band return to perform summer concerts there? Will this park be utilized as a neighborhood park and have the upkeep required to keep it a beautiful and green part of the city of Gloversville? I have wonderful memories of playing there, listening to music, and meeting up with family and friends. I hope that it will continue to be that space for generations to come.




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