Vote Max Spritzer for 4th Ward councilman in Johnstown

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Max Spritzer, candidate for 4th Ward Councilman in the city of Johnstown, speak on why he is running for that office. After listening to him, I have come to the conclusion that Max is just what our city needs to lead us forward into the future. He has energy, enthusiasm, is well qualified and has a vision of what the future should be for our city.

Although I do not live in the 4th Ward, I fully support Max and urge all residents of that ward to get informed on what Max has to offer them and our city before making their choice on Nov. 5. I’m sure after doing that, they will find that the clear choice is to cast their vote for a man with a vision for the future, Max Spritzer for 4th Ward Councilman in the city of Johnstown.




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