Vote Guy Poulin for Northampton Town Board

Tuesday, Nov. 5 is Election Day — 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Among the positions for town of Northampton and village of Northville, voters may vote for are two town council (town board) seats. The three candidates who filed petitions for two positions are Guy Poulin, Molly Zullo and William Gritsavage. You may vote for one candidate or two candidates listed on the ballot, or write in your choice [or] choices.

Northampton Town Board is an important four-year position. Again, voters in the village of Northville and town of Northampton may vote for the town board [position].

I am voting for one person for town board, Guy Poulin. Guy is a husband, father, family man, animal lover, former teacher, former assessor and town board member.

I am impressed with the amount of research he does. Guy is a strong supporter of Jack Farquhar and the Northampton Ambulance.

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, I urge you to vote for Independent People’s Party candidate, Guy Poulin for Northampton Town Board — town council.

You will find Guy near the bottom of row eight on the ballot.




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