Thank you for your support, please support me again

Thank you to all of the voters who cast their ballots for me in the Primary on June 25. I’m honored and humbled that you would put your faith into me. I now ask for your support again on Nov. 5.

What qualities should you look for in a county judge? The Hamilton County judge is responsible for many areas, indeed, more than most county-level judges, as one judge oversees the county, family and surrogate courts, in addition to being the pistol-licensing agent and head of the courthouse. The judge must be knowledgeable in various areas of law, be familiar with the community resources and be well-versed in procedure. A good judge is well-respected by the attorneys, litigants and the personnel that work in conjunction with the court. A great judge should be firm, but with compassion, be fair and without bias, and exhibit an even temperament, both on and off the bench.

Why should you vote for me to be the next Hamilton County judge? I believe I possess these qualities and, more importantly, I have demonstrated these strengths in my career and in my life. While I was a town justice of Indian Lake, I treated litigants fairly and with compassion. I asked questions and made determinations based upon the law, as well as, common sense. As a principal court attorney, I have advised many judges, not only in Hamilton County and the surrounding area, but from around the state, about various areas of law, including confinement of sex offenders, drug courts, estate matters and general trial practice. My experience has been expansive and intense, but it has been with the guidance of some of the best judges in the judicial district.

I ask that you vote for me on Nov. 5 for Hamilton County judge.

Thank you.


Indian Lake


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