Thank you for making fundraiser a success

On Sept. 18, the hot dog stand, Mustard’s Last Stand located in the park on Main Street, Johnstown, held a fundraiser for the James Brennan Humane Society. To say it was a success would be a understatement. With help from friends, volunteers, and the public, we exceeded our expectations.

We would like to publicly say thank you to the following:

First Sen. James Tedisco for serving lunch and taking time to speak to all those who stopped in. The senator stayed for hours slinging dogs, talking to the folks, and made himself available for pictures all while not forgetting why he was there. Shout out to his staff, Jennifer Conkling-Donovan for not only assisting the senator but opening packages of hot dogs and rolls and repeated trips to the truck for supplies.

Adam Kramer for his catching the day with great pictures and sharing them on Facebook.

Ron Freese for showing up early and helping set up.

Don Nadler for taking care of the donations and keeping things moving smooth.

Mayor Vern Jackson of Johnstown, for giving us the green light to hold the benefit.

The folks from the Brennan Humane Society for bringing a beautiful blonde shepherd who has had a hard life looking for a new home. I’m happy to say she has one — mine. All of you who gave monetary funds and or supplies for the shelter. You made it a great day.

The Leader-Herald’s Mike Anich for his coverage of the day and help getting the word out. WENT radio also for their help in getting the word out. Steve Caporizzo for posting the event on the Pet Connection Facebook page as well as during a weather segment on Pet Connection. Just a great day.

And to add to the day, Mustard’s Last Stand was awarded The New York State Senate 2019 Empire Award. It is given in recognition of outstanding contributions and dedication to the growth, prosperity and betterment of our community and New York state. Very honored and proud to accept this prestigious award. Not bad for a hot dog stand. Once again, thank you to all who made this day a great day for all.




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