Tatiana Coffinger will make a great judge

I am writing this letter on behalf of Tatiana Coffinger, a candidate for the position of judge of the county court, family court and surrogate court. During my campaign for the position of justice of the Supreme Court years ago, I attended many functions and events in Hamilton County and, before becoming a full-time judge, I had the privilege of representing, as corporate counsel, the town of Indian Lake. It is from that perspective that I write and offer my support of Tatiana Coffinger for judge.

I have had the privilege of knowing Tatiana Coffinger for many years. She served as my Confidential Law Clerk for most of my years as a justice of the Supreme Court for the 4th Judicial District which includes Hamilton County. During those years, we developed a bond of professionalism and trust. I relied upon her intellect, her advice and her practical application of the principles of law to the thousands of cases that came before the court. Tatiana always maintained as her primary focus, a genuine, caring attitude towards everyone who appeared before me whether those people were litigants, attorneys, witnesses or court observers.

My chambers had a very busy calendar, indeed, one of the busiest and complex in the entire 4th Judicial District. Many of the cases assigned were matters with legal issues that had never been dealt with before by any court. I relied heavily upon Tatiana’s expertise, her knowledge and understanding of the law. I always valued the advice and counsel she provided to me.

I ask that you support Tatiana Coffinger for the position of judge of the county court, family court and surrogate court of Hamilton County. She will serve each of you with dedication and distinction.


Justice of the Supreme Court, Retired

Glens Falls


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