Support CLMF and the CAC on Nov. 5

I’m writing to express my appreciation and support for the Caroga Music Festival and for the proposed transfer of the Sherman’s property to the Caroga Arts Collective. The music festival has been a positive addition to the region since its beginnings eight years ago and I believe the transfer of Sherman’s will provide additional benefits for Caroga Lake and its neighboring communities.

My wife and I began attending festival concerts and were immediately impressed not only by the talented musicians attracted to our area but also the enthusiasm and vision shared by its many local supporters. That support has grown with each year, evidence that the organization behind it is solid and here for the long haul. We soon joined in by providing meals and hosting musicians during their stay here and it has been a rewarding experience for us to contribute to something which adds so much to our community. We’re already looking forward to next year.

Those who recall the heyday of Sherman’s also remember how vital it was to Caroga Lake and the surrounding area. While none of us can return to the past, we can shape the future. The vision for Sherman’s advanced by the Caroga Arts Collective would restore it for multiple uses, once again making it a much needed center of activity for the community and a reason for others to come to Caroga Lake. I believe that’s a vision well worth supporting, and it is my hope that others will share it, too.


Peck Lake


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