Stefanik let ‘off the hook’ when it comes to healthcare

Last week Representative Elise Stefanik was at a community meeting in Johnstown. I was fortunate enough and Rep. Stefanik was nice enough to respond to my questions on health care and in my opinion her poor voting record on this matter. When I questioned her on her vote to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, her response was “I did not like the way this bill was originated with no input from the Republican side.”

My follow up question was if that were the case, why didn’t the Republican Party which had control of the Senate, House and presidency in 2016-18 reform the AHCA since they were dealing from a position of strength.

The Republicans could have force the minority party to alter or change the issues they were unsatisfied with. Instead the Republican House voted to repeal entirely the AHCA (Rep Stefanik voted to repeal) with no replacement plan and no timetable for a replacement plan to be implemented.

Remember from 2010 on the Republican House has voted consistently to undermine the ACHA and currently the president has legal cases to undermine the AHCA to which Rep. Stefanik has not spoke out against.

On further questions to Rep. Stefanik, I asked would she prefer to go back to a health care system that was in place before 2009. Her reply was “No.” Yet Representative Stefanik nor the Republican Party have no visible health care plan. Instead she vehemently decries she is against Medicare for all. It seems she is just against any health care. My feeling is if it were 1965 and Ms. Stefanik were in Congress, she would have voted against Medicare. To note she is not a strong supporter of Medicare today.

When will the Congressional District hold Rep. Stefanik accountable for her poor record on health care, both the ACHA and Medicare. The voters have let Ms. Stefanik off the “hook” on this major issue.




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