Rizzo all the way for the town of Johnstown

First four years at the town of Johnstown have been interesting. Identifying lack in accountability, oversight, controls, management, and failed policies. This is all due to the prior administrations and historical bad practices from the good old boys, who will attack you if you’re not part of their insider politics.

What have I done in the four years: Obtained a grant for $150,000 to upgrade Town Hall — 2019 (IT, HVAC, storage, solar) where the solar system is saving approximately $10,000 per year in electrical cost, upgraded the lights and windows at Town Hall — 2016; found flaws in insurance coverage costing the town monies due to being over insured or charged double on some equipment values; challenged unethical and bias practices by long-standing board members; pushing for accountability and documentation; transparency with “Yearly Reviews” which tells the public what is actually taking place; was one of the few against the eminent domain of Mr. Bowe’s land on Hales Mills Road and questioned the poor guidance of the DEIS prior to the action; challenged why the volunteer fire departments were never notified about the consolidation report via a empowerment grant; challenged the unethical hiring practices that have taken place, and was in equal to the NYS Comptroller’s unpublished verbal audit upon issues mimicking past editorials though the “unaccounted for fuel” tips the scale raising the red flag and should caution the residents once the official report is released in due time.

Past editorials substantiate the discussions I’ve driven to promote a better township with controls and leveled taxation that produces results. I’ve also attended New York state Comptroller training classes which help identify forms of corruption, capital and financial plans, and budget processes, which came in handy.

Hopefully, the residents are pleased to know that someone cares and is not just a puppet following outdated practices and that their vote for me was well suited. I’ll continue to do my job, as I was elected to do. Moving forward, the town of Johnstown needs a future that is environmentally friendly, culturally active, financially stable, impartial, and detailed with transparency.

Your vote is greatly appreciated. General Election is Nov. 5.

Thank you.


Town of Johnstown Councilman



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