Reasons for Coffinger support have only gotten stronger

On the eve of the upcoming General Election, we take this opportunity to make clear to all voters that our reasons for supporting Tatiana Coffinger in the June Republican primary, which she won by an overwhelming margin, remain firm and have in fact only gotten stronger since then.

To be clear, we supported Tatiana Coffinger in June, for the reasons of her temperament, her judgment, her integrity, and her experience. We support her in the upcoming General Election — for all those reasons, and now for even more. The conduct of the election campaign has made it crystal clear that — as between the candidates — it is only Mrs. Coffinger who is both qualified to be our next judge, and who has demonstrated that she understands the ethical obligations of a judicial campaign. We will not list the offenses of any other candidate, but simply point out that Mrs. Coffinger has re-confirmed our trust in her good sense, in her judgment, and in the wisdom of our endorsing her as Hamilton County’s next judge.

We urge all voters, of whatever party designation or unaffiliated status, to use their best judgment and to vote most carefully for the 10-year position of judge. We want to re-state our position very clearly at this time — we know the candidates well from our day-to-day work with them, and we feel strongly that only Tatiana Coffinger is qualified to be your next county judge, family court judge, and surrogate.

Thank you for your consideration.





County Clerk


County Judge, Family Court Judge, and Surrogate (ret.)



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