Media ‘blackout’ on local candidates needs to change

As a resident of Gloversville, I share the concerns of everyone as to the direction of our city’s future.

I find it odd that as various cities in upstate New York have mayoral debates and coverage of the candidates by media sources, our city seems to have a “media blackout” on candidate coverage with articles and news covering only what the present mayor of Gloversville and common council proposes or states regarding various municipal activity and decisions. The public needs to be better informed through our local media sources.

Given the fact our past mayor resigned over corrupt activity and the fact the same individuals who worked hand to hand with that corrupt mayor are now running for office (namely, Vincent DeSantis and Steve Smith) against two new candidates (namely, Dale “Hank” McGrath for mayor and Bill Rowback for councilman-at-large) would certainly call for a public debate and constant media coverage until election night. If information isn’t provided to the public to make a proper choice that would ensure the city not continue with possible corruption and unethical activity, how will we know?

Do we vote based upon being friends with any candidate? Do we vote based upon back door promises or simply as party favorites? When we lack knowledge and information on the candidates that we expect to be provided by local media and news sources, we are actually cut out of the traditional public interaction between information and elections.

Though this may be unintended, local media and news sources need to be more proactive in covering our city’s elections by providing coverage on all the candidates and maybe even host a debate.




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