Julia Garcia gets my support for 4th Judicial District

My name is Robert C. Dedrick, a former teacher and coach for three decades, and most recently the supervisor for the town of Ticonderoga, Essex County. I am writing this letter to express my opinion on a candidate that is running for Supreme Court justice for the 4th Judicial District in New York. That candidate is Julie Garcia.

I worked very closely with Julie as the town supervisor in her capacity as Essex County District Attorney. I admired her work ethic and hold her in the deepest regards. Let me tell you why.

We in Ticonderoga were faced with a rash of young adults who were tragically killed in automobile accidents where drivers were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We as a town recognized the need to become active and joined a group called Connecting Youth and Communities. We focused on the risk factors and selected strategies to negate each risk factor identified.

One of the partners we recruited was the District Attorney Julie Garcia. She immediately recognized the importance of our mission and committed herself and her resources. She was present at our meetings, attended our panel discussions for the public and was noticeably present at our vigil ceremonies. She worked hard for the residents of Essex County and was a major factor in helping eradicate the serious problems with drinking and drug use in our community.

I believe her entire life has prepared her for this position. Let me elaborate. She is the daughter of a miner, raised in Witherbee, feet from the iron mines, graduated from high school, attended Siena College, and eventually received her degree from Albany Law. She was the first woman ever elected as Essex County District Attorney. She is the only candidate to prosecute cases in district, local, county and Supreme Court. She can claim that she has been both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. She has taken up the cause of clients in civil proceedings and has represented children in custody and juvenile proceedings.

With her life experiences I can unequivocally state that she cares deeply about the residents who live in the 4th Judicial District. I implore residents to vote for the a most qualified candidate. She is a person of the highest integrity, an experienced trial lawyer, who would do a tremendous job as justice of the entire district. Please vote for Julie Garcia for the position of Supreme Court Judge for the 4th Judicial District.




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