Helping to shape the future of the city

I am running for election as councilman in the 4th Ward Gloversville because of my desire to continue seeking new revenue as I did in the past. These initiatives are an example of what I helped to bring about.

∫ Walmart

∫ Smart water

∫ Dollar Tree

∫ Shoe Store

I will continue to look for new ways to get services done without more taxes and fees which burden the residents and hinder the growth in and of Gloversville. Having worked on these projects I have the expertise needed to move Gloversville forward.

∫ Animal shelter

∫ Comprehensive plan

∫ Reduce repeat code offenses

∫ Made sure work place violence was in place

As a member of the Gloversville City Council, I worked to re-write the Nuisance Law in an effort to improve properties and make folks more responsible for their pets. I have always taken a hard stand on ethics. With the help of other city officials I brought forth a proclamation to raise awareness of Domestic Violence and made sure that the city of Gloversville was on time meeting a state mandated Workplace Violence Law thus making our employees safer. As chair of the committee to create an employee handbook as a guideline for employees, they would understand the expectations of their duties while employed by the city of Gloversville. I worked with the town of Johnstown and city officials on the Revenue Sharing for the Walmart Project. I wrote Gloversville’s animal control law, with the guidelines from the state and other municipalities. With volunteers we finished the empty shelter at no cost to taxpayers and Regional uses the facility in exchange for housing our animals.

I worked on a project that updated the system and computers in City Hall and also worked with the person currently doing our new website to get it up and running.

I believe the knowledge I have acquired during my previous time as councilman from the 4th Ward would benefit every citizen of Gloversville. My goal has always been to help create a city that will be appealing to move to, and one that current residents can be proud of — a better Gloversville.

I am asking for your support, and I promise I will always be available and represent each citizen in Ward 4.

Vote Row B or Row J.

Thank you.




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