Former mayor would have approved of Maxwell Spritzer

He would have approved. My late husband, Michael Julius, the former mayor of Johnstown, was a great judge of character, as am I. I know if he were still with us, Michael would be working hard to get Maxwell Spritzer elected as 4th Ward Councilman. Maxwell has a lot in common with Mike. Both living and growing up in Johnstown, graduating from JHS, both furthering their education, both wanting to improve the city, hard workers, avid sports fans, interested in charitable organizations and most of all great family men.

I look at Max’s platform and see many points Michael was fighting for during his short-lived time in office:

Making the city more beautiful by getting rid of blight.

Reinvigorating the downtown district.

Making it more conducive to having families settle here.

Fiscal responsibility.

Attracting new business to the city.

More family oriented activities for the city.

Better communication with the citizens of Johnstown.

Maxwell Spritzer has great ideas. His is ready to take on the job at hand. He has shown himself as a responsible young man with leadership experience. He comes from a trustworthy family and has a beautiful family of his own.

If I lived in the 4th Ward, I would definitely vote for him. Let the voters who live in the 4th Ward give him a chance to show us what can be done when people disregard party lines and work together. Vote for Maxwell Spritzer.




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