Endorsement for Julie Garcia given

To the citizens of the 4th Judicial District:

My name is Shane Thelen and I am writing this letter as an endorsement of Julie Garcia for the Supreme Court of the 4th District. I have known Julie my entire life as a resident of her hometown of Moriah and as a teacher at Crown Point Central School where I teach social studies.

As District Attorney for Essex County, she engaged public and private partners to minimize crime and maximize public safety — all while reducing government spending. Despite being busy, I saw her in the school a few times and District Attorney Garcia worked hard to ensure that crime was fairly and effectively prosecuted. She also worked proactively to reduce crime, collaborating with treatment agencies, law enforcement, probation, and other organizations to decrease underage drinking, driving while intoxicated, drug abuse and domestic violence.

Julie has been the keynote speaker at Crown Point Central School’s College Rally, a College For Every Student (CFES) event. She spoke about how after the death of her sister, she raised her two nieces and ran her own law firm, handling cases in Federal Court, Supreme Court, County Court and local courts. She has represented clients in courts throughout the 4th Judicial District for more than a decade.

Julie is from the North Country of New York and knows what the people’s needs are. She has been tempered by personally tragedy and gained valuable experience around New York state in various law professions. I have volunteered on half a dozen Republican political campaigns, but this Democrat candidate gets my vote in November. Julie is fair, reasonable and intelligent. She will make an excellent judge for our area.

In addition, Julie is the only candidate that has only candidate to have years of experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney. Please join me in voting for Julie Garcia on Nov. 5.


Mineville, Essex County


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