Casting my vote for Paul Roalsvig

On Nov. 5, I will be casting my vote for Paul H. Roalsvig to become Hamilton County’s next district attorney.

I’ve known Paul since he moved to Long Lake with his family 10 years ago. I’ve known his wife’s family for a very long time. On a personal note, Paul and his family now live in the house that I grew up in. I know that my parents would be very pleased to know there is a wonderful family living there now.

After moving here, Paul got involved with the community. He was elected to the school board and served five years (three of those as president). He’s participated in the Polar Plunge to raise money for Wounded Warriors.

Paul has many diversified interests which I believe will serve him well as our district attorney. He’s involved with local theater groups, the local snowmobile club, likes to enjoy the outdoors by cross country skiing, hiking, snowmobiling and boating.

Paul has been a practicing attorney since 1994, has participated in many different cases that I feel would give him the experience needed to become District Attorney.

Again, Hamilton County voters please join me on Nov. 5, in electing Paul H. Roalsvig to be our next district attorney.


Long Lake


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