What a gift Caroga Music Collective is to our community

Can you hear that? I can, and it’s music to my ears. What is it? It’s culture and creativity and art and yes — music. Beautiful music, chamber music. What a gift Caroga Music Collective is to our community.

A city in transition, like Gloversville, is further elevated by events like the summer night collaboration between the Caroga Arts Ensemble and Utica Dance at our very own, historic Glove Theatre. Think of the impact music education has on the youth of our city. This organization is giving them the invaluable experience of learning from and playing with talented, classically trained musicians. I think we can all agree that children emulate what they see and the many free offerings from this group can help shape the lives of our most impressionable community members.

I really hope to enjoy more from them for years to come with my family in Caroga on that beautiful piece of lake front property.




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