Not goodbye, but I will see everyone soon again

Good morning everyone. I am Ellie DiScioscia, the director at the Gloversville Senior Center. On Aug. 29, I submitted a letter to the Board of Directors stating that as of Friday, Sept. 20, I resign as center director. Over this last week the Gloversville Senior Center’s participants have been expressing their discontentment in the board in reference to my recent resignation. Seniors, as well as community individuals, agencies and groups have been filling the phone, Facebook and mailbox with beautiful comments of support, appreciation and thankfulness to myself for all that was accomplished over these past six years.

Now I would like a turn to express something — I would like to take this opportunity to express my love, appreciation, respect, thankfulness and admiration for all of the seniors, agencies, individuals, groups, volunteers, family and friends who have been a very large part in creating the center and the programs it has today.

Six years ago when I started the Saturday Breakfast Nook Program, I had no idea of the great love, friendships and family that I was to encounter along on this magnificent journey. Through these past six years as a volunteer and center director, I have had the great pleasure of sharing a lot of laughs, great meals, fun activities, silly events, fabulous fundraisers and wonderful holiday celebrations with you all. I have gotten an opportunity to have been part your lives as individuals and as a whole group. Together we have shared family, heartaches, accomplishments, challenges, joy and the promises of the future.

You all have been a great support system for myself and my family. Every one of you have been there for me through some tough times. You all were there through my divorce, death of my nephew as well as helped me through the stroke I had while at the center. You have embraced not only me but my children and grandchildren as well. Being at the center has been as warm and love filled as being home.

I thank you for welcoming me and my family as well as for helping me to grow as a person. I thank you for allowing me to share my talents of home, cooking and decorating ideas. I thank you for being willing to try new programs and for all your suggestions and support. I thank you for allowing me to experiment in the kitchen with new recipes and fail at them at times. LOL! I thank you for making life fun and worthwhile. I thank you for bringing out the best of me and for sharing your time. I thank you for giving me the most precise gift of all, your love!

I love all of you and I have plans on continuing to assist seniors in obtaining your daily needs. This is not goodbye but instead I will see you all soon. Be patient and look for me.




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