Fracking nothing but a quick fix that will leave mess for others

On Sept. 14, and Sept. 19, I read two editorials in the Leader-Herald supporting fracking to resolve our energy problems which is nothing but a quick fix that will leave the mess for others to try to cleanup. A bumper sticker on my car reads: What happens to the water happens to the people (contaminate water, contaminate people). Believe it or not, potable water (not contaminated is the most important commodity on God’s green earth. Already, many communities do not have good drinking water. People are forced to use bottled water and desecrate the earth with more and more plastic. So the various types of environmental abuse continue to surface, grow and spread. It brings to mind the 1965 song entitled “Eve of Destruction.”

Fortunately, I am 72, so I won’t have to continue to explain to our children much longer how we knowingly continue to destroy our earth out of shear greed. They can still drill by other means without pumping life threatening chemicals into the water table, but that would cost more money. However, it’s all about the bottom line. Collateral damage is just the cost of doing business. Contrary to your position, there have been non-disclosure court settlements over fracking contamination.

When someone seemed to get away with something, my parents would say, “not to worry, honey. There is always a day of reckoning.”

When I wanted to take an “unwise” turn on the road of life, ignoring their rational and logical assessment of a situation, their last piece of advice that closed further discussion was: “Let a word to the wise be sufficient.” So before we “go merrily fracking along,” remember: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”