Board of Supervisors is doing bidding of fossil fuel industry

The argument used by the board of supervisors to opt-out of the tax break for solar farms made no sense. New York state gave an automatic state tax exemptions for solar farms to encourage their development. The board voted to forgo that tax break for solar farms in Fulton County. Various newspapers said the board wanted solar farms to be “treated equally” and that the results were not aesthetic. These arguments were bogus. So, it was unlikely that, as the board claimed, they were “not against solar power.”

First, with whom do solar farms need equal treatment? They are competing with electric companies and other fossil fuel sources. These companies get billions of dollars in government subsidies.

Second, some claim solar farms are ugly. Compared to what? An unused patch of land? A bunch of abandoned buildings? The aesthetics of Fulton County often leaves something to be desired.

A solar farm is a farm. Like any farm, they take sunlight and turn it into energy. A traditional farm stores that energy into food or plants. A solar farm sends the energy directly to the electric company. Solar farms bring money to Fulton County.

The mostly Republican Board of Supervisors is against solar energy. Like our federal government, they are doing the bidding of the fossil fuel companies. I remember acid rain in the Adirondacks caused by burning of fossil fuel. It is not gone and it can come back. The board of supervisors does not seem to care.




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