A scary experience and help from the fire department

Johnstown Firemen are great.

I got down to check a plug that seemed to be loose; could not get up. I had to call 911. I was lucky the phone was near.

“What is your emergency?” she said.

“I’m on the floor and can’t get up,” I said.

“Is your door locked?” she said.

“I don’t know, I can’t see it from here. Send the firemen,” I said, “I’ll keep struggling.”

She said, “Don’t struggle,” but I did. Soon two of them came in.

“Are you hurt?” they said and a few more questions.

Then “Do you want to go to the hospital with us?”

“No,” I said. “My insurance is not good.”

They helped me up and said, “call us if you need us again” but I figure I better not for awhile at least.




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