Zip code issue in Mayfield needs fixing

With increased development in Fulton County, there are bound to be places within a zip code that have the same address. One such place is Woodlane Road. Up until a year ago, GPS pointed Woodlane Road as being in Northampton, but being served by the Mayfield Post Office. The zip code is 12117. Recently, an area in Mayfield, called Cranberry Cove, gave addresses to some houses as being on Woodlane Road in Cranberry Cove, zip code 12117.

I was expecting a delivery from FedEx and service from Terminix during July. FedEx came two days later and I had to meet the Terminix exterminator [because they were directed by GPS to the wrong address.]. This needs to be straightened out. A possible remedy would be to give Northampton a separate zip code. Also, when addressing mail, instead of saying Mayfield, say Northampton with the new zip code. I was fortunate that neither case involved life threatening instances. I have written to my state and federal legislators. I will contact the postal service. I am sure my case isn’t isolated. I would like to get this fixed before the situation becomes worse.