Writer responds to Monday editorial

Response to editorial of Monday Aug. 19

“Taking steps to prevent tragedy”

Having fought the issues of gun control and the SAFE Act in the case of Kampfer vs Cuomo, 14-110.

Your editorial is way off. This society, in this country, has created its own monster.

Today’s society is a hate society, created by its love for violence and murder on TV, together with desensitizing our children by letting them watch autopsies on the TV.

Not only do they see dead open bodies, but the ads on TV that teach our children that it is ok to lie, be rude, and show disrespect.

We have allowed our states to violate federal laws by legalizing marijuana, both for medical use and recreational use, without arresting the state lawmakers for a federal crime.

We have allowed the U.S. Supreme Court to make ruling on abortion, immunity for public officials for violation of Civil Rights and we allow police officers to legally kill people without affording them the Constitution right to a jury trial, without retribution.

It all began when society took God out of everything, which I do not understand how it could happen, when God is in the Declaration of Independence (and) in fact, “God or the divine is mentioned at least once in each of the 50 constitutions and nearly 200 times overall,” (Pew Research Center 2017/08/17).

You say, “Watch a good movie on cable” show me open without violence, murder, stealing, lying or cheating on a spouse, you can’t. Even the cartoons are violent.