We should expect our schools to provide a profitable return

As I begin the migration from Ohio to my family’s homestead in New York, I am amazed at the cost associated with school taxes. I come from an Ohio school district with a similar student population, same excellence in education, and an Ohio property of similar value to my New York property. The cost for school taxes in New York is three times that of Ohio.

Now, being a (retired) successful engineering manager with a master of education degree, I believe in the value to provide excellence in education. However, I find that there is a very high cost to provide the infrastructure for sports activities. I’m not against sports activities, but they should never get in the way of quality education.

What is our return on investment for our school tax dollars? Do our students receive scholarships and grants based on their high school success? Are our students successful in their post secondary education? If they choose not to attend college does their high school education prepare them for the world of work? After high school (and college) do our students live in the school district during their careers and contribute to the high school taxes?

Our return on investment for the high cost of school taxes should be justified with something other than lip service from very well-paid superintendents. The school systems should be closely evaluated for effectiveness. Like well-run businesses, we should expect our schools to provide a profitable return for the costs imposed on the taxpayers.




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