Speed limit needs to be addressed on dangerous road

Once again this past weekend there was a bad accident at the intersection of Route 122 and West State Street Extension, in the town of Johnstown. I have lived above this area of road my entire life and cannot understand why, after the countless, dangerous accidents both on the curve and intersection, that the speed limit is still 55 mph? Especially when people have to navigate a sharp, blind turn before seeing if people are in the intersection. I also do not understand why the 55 mile speed starts as one enters the intersection of Route 122 from the West Bush Road hill, which is posted at 40 mph. Why would it become 55 mph right before a dangerous intersection, where people stopped cannot see people coming there as well?

I know in years past, and also more recently, home owners that live near both areas have collected the required signatures on petitions and went through the proper channels at board meetings to attempt to lower the speed, only to be “dismissed.” They also asked the sheriff’s office and highway superintendent about their concerns, only to once again be “dismissed.”

If you have ever traveled this section of road, you probably have had people coming at you on your side of the road, seen daily near miss accidents or may have witnessed a child almost being hit while attempting to enter the school bus. And now since this section of road was paved weeks ago, it has become like a speedway, unfortunately still without painted lines. I get it, in today’s world of distracted driving, will putting up a sign saying a slower speed make a difference? If it can save one person from having an accident, one adult or child from losing their life or sustaining injuries, isn’t it worth it?

Town of Johnstown resident,