Our kids don’t stand a chance

I am a fan of Johnstown High School sports. I go to lots of games and I am thrilled at the success many of the teams have. Now I watch the coaches and administrators struggle to find funding for these sports. The cause is obvious — people are leaving the city and there are now insufficient numbers left to pass the adequate budget. The reasons are varied:

Past school boards did not create budgets sufficiently large to accommodate these activities resulting in a need for an extremely large tax increase in 2019.

The increasing number of unkempt properties in the city makes Johnstown a less desirable place to live than it has been in the past.

People are simply looking for better places in which to live and educate their children.

In July I drove around the city and found over 30 properties which were in clear of violation of our zoning ordinances. I turned those over to the code department. To their credit, they caused about 60 percent of them to be improved which left 40 percent as they were. I attempted to find out why these could not be taken care of. I made written requests to the mayor, the code chief, and the city engineer to find out the reasoning for this. To date, none of those persons has found time to see me. last night I went to the Common Council meeting in an effort to discuss these problems with the council. I was allowed three minutes to speak so I questioned whether the council even has any real idea of why I was there.

The school board has embarked on some new directions to remedy their part of this problem. The city government thus far appears to have little interest in doing the same. I made my contribution to the sports support group and perhaps you can do the same. These kids deserve the same chances we all had.




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