It is all about the money

The Johnstown Water Board is in the business of selling water to individuals and businesses. The water board has a procedure in place for design and installment of water mains and service laterals. The board requires qualified people to do the work. There will be no shortcuts or exceptions to these procedures.

Recently a resolution was developed and sent to the city to start the process of installing water in the Linden Avenue development. To date the city has not responded to this resolution. The city claims they will pay for all the costs of delivering water to Linden Avenue so a resolution needs to be passed by the Common Council.

After Monday’s council meeting, Mayor [Vern] Jackson spoke to Mr. Rohl from Radio Station WENT. One of the statements made by Mayor Jackson was “we don’t badmouth anyone,” followed by Jackson quoting the late Mayor Julius and called the water board incompetent. The comments made by Jackson were yet another amateurish attempt to shift public opinion when they try to abolish the water board again. Like the first referendum, I trust the voters in Johnstown will see the obvious reasons the city wants to abolish the water board. It was all about the money in 2015 and also today.

When I take off my water board member hat, I put on my taxpaying voter hat. Maybe its time to question the lack of transparency in Johnstown city government. To be continued.

Acting president of the Johnstown Water Board.