For some great family time, visit the Paradise Ranch rodeo

At the end of June on a Friday night, I was visiting with friends in Caroga Lake. I asked about all the traffic on Route 29A, and friends informed me that a rodeo was about to begin. So off we went to Paradise Ranch to see a real live rodeo.

I come from Saratoga Springs where we have many diverse recreational activities every weekend, but this was something I had never thought of attending. Wow, what a fantastic event. There were hundreds of spectators in attendance. “Kids” from 1 to 70 were there enjoying the sights and excitement. There was something for everybody and the action never stopped.

I am not an expert, but event seemed so well organized. The facilities were clean , there were several food trucks with rodeo food, and most of all there was fun. All this for the admittance price of $10 for adults, $5 for children, and free for very young children.

The riders cowboys kept the participants and animals safe. A local doctor jumped the fence, not once but three times, to attend to bull and horseback riders who experienced a challenging ride.

According to the announcers, the audience and riders came from as far away as Maryland.

The rodeo event was not what I expected …. it turned out to much more and I loved the experience.


Saratoga Springs