Dan Engel is the epitome of hard work and dedication

I’m writing to inform you and the community about the hard work and dedication that Mr. Dan Engel, director of Veterans Affairs for Fulton County, provides for, and on behalf of, the veterans in Fulton and Hamilton County.

Many veterans and their families struggle to navigate the VA and Federal government bureaucracy to obtain the care and benefits they are entitled to and often give up in frustration. Dan works tirelessly and relentlessly striving to push the right buttons and get the proper paperwork submitted in a proper manner in order to satisfy the requirements necessary for the veterans to receive the help they desperately need. As anyone who has had to deal with these agencies knows, it can be a frustrating endeavor. Dan never lets it go and communicates often with the veterans and their families to keep them updated on the progress and what they can expect next. He’s a good listener and genuinely cares about the health and well being of all veterans in the area. He’s a great asset to the community and to veterans.

On behalf of all those he’s helped, and is helping, we’d like to extend a grateful thank you for his tireless efforts in the service of others. All our public servants should be as committed and dedicated as he to the community’s they serve.

The family of Bill Stuart.