Caroga referendum on sale of Sherman’s to the CAC

It was fantastic to see Sherman’s as a hub of activity already this summer rather than the ghost of the past. I look forward to seeing continued life in this wonderful and storied location. I see the vitality and excitement the Caroga Lake Music Festival has brought during the three years we’ve been in the area.

Our first exposure to three local restaurants all occurred in connection with CLMF events. We’ve been back to each restaurant thereafter. I now frequent a marina store after having a wonderful experience at the barge event there last year. I am sure we’re not alone — that leads to an influx of dollars coming into the area (restaurant food and drink, services, lodging, etc.) that is so desperately needed. The CLMF doesn’t just benefit the people that go to the events — it already benefits the broader community and the businesses therein.

More people coming to the area equates to more potential dollars for local businesses — and an uptick in interest in homes, vacations, etc. in the area.

Isn’t this exactly what Sherman’s was to the area — a leisure and entertainment venue that benefited not just Sherman’s but the entire community and beyond — all while creating lasting memories for the generations it touched. A look at last year’s events and this year’s calendar indicates this is not a high brow classical music festival for the elite. There is something for everyone including bluegrass and fireworks, a concert for kids with instrument petting zoo, jazz, pop music, rock, classical music, Saundersfest – and, this year, even some magic.

Let’s truly bring the magic back to Sherman’s and continue the tradition of making Caroga and the surrounding communities a place to celebrate — a place to bring our families — a place to enjoy the beauty — a place where local businesses can grow and thrive.

I wholeheartedly offer my support for the sale of Sherman’s to the Caroga Arts Collective. I strongly urge a vote in favor of the sale to CAC at the upcoming Caroga referendum on Aug. 20.



Editor’s note: The town board voted this week, after this letter was written, to move the referendum to a later date to accommodate all registered voters.