Addiction hurts everyone involved

Addiction is a sad disease and it will catch up to you eventually.

How do I know? I will tell you why because it happened to me.

My choice of drugs was heroin and it became my very best friend.

I lost my wife and children as for me they could no longer depend.

The only thing I had left was to get that ultimate high,

my mom, dad and brothers tried to be there for me and sadly I don’t know why.

The love my family gave to me I thought would get me through.

But I had to get higher, a double dose. What else could I do.

My name is Christopher Brown and in years it’s been almost seven,

since I left everyone I loved and I now live in heaven.

But if I could just help one person to get “clean” and ease their pain,

I know that my passing would not have been in vain.

Please take a moment to read this special poem

and I will always be here in spirit to pray for you, guide you so you never again shall feel alone.

Christopher’s mom,