Women get together to fill food pantry

The Northville Baptist Church’s food pantry shown stocked with food. (Photo courtesy of Rafael Polo)

Too often we fail to recognize how much goodness there is in this world and even in our very own communities. Kindness and generosity should not be overlooked and that is the goal of this commentary.

Once a month, between 20 and 25 ladies from the Northville area get together. They eat, drink in moderation, and talk. Us guys figure that they probably have a good time at our expense while discussing our shortcomings, but we love them anyway.

One of the ladies brought up the idea of helping out the Northville Baptist Church fill their stock of supplies for the food pantry. The food pantry serves many families in the area that need a helping hand during their hour of need. The ladies saw a problem and they did something about it and all on their own initiative. Last Friday, June 21, they got together and nearly filled the empty shelves of the food pantry located in Northville.

Government intervention not required. We can all see that government would have called for a study group to access the situation. Time and money would have been unnecessarily spent and in the end they would not have accomplish what the ladies managed to do in such timely fashion.

We like to extend our thanks and gratitude to these wonderful ladies that lead by example. Thank you.