There are bigger problems than how many cats as pets

It would be next to impossible to determine if someone has in their home over six cats unless code enforcement did raids based upon secret informants. Most landlords in the city do limit amount of pets tenants may have and many would say six cats is extremely excessive. Those who have massive amount of cats do not hold them inside the premises– they allow the cats to wander in and out of home and through the neighborhood thereby making it impossible to legally hold an individual responsible for a specific amount of cats.

In those few cases where excessive cats reside in one household, we would also find serious mental health issues or a single resident compassionately seeking to heal injured and sick animals, both of which require a different approach other than a fine and punishment.

For years city government has neglected the issue of supporting an effective means to deal with the excessive cat population attacking those seeking to administer a humanitarian approach while applying minimal or selective enforcement against others. In that time, cats have massively procreated and are residing in every crook and cranny of our city — in groups of three or four — untouchable by our present codes.

This issue requires a committee of proactive inter-agency volunteers to determine the best approach to eradicate the overpopulation of cats.

Of greater concern regarding public health and welfare in the city of Gloversville is the infestations of roaches, bedbugs, “crack heads” devoted to harming others and heroin dealers who, together, cause grave sicknesses, constant neighborhood unrest and death in our city. That is where the city codes need to be amended and enforced.

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