Tatiana Coffinger is the best candidate for county judge

Dear Hamilton County primary voters,

As the June primary election quickly approaches, I am compelled to write urging all Hamilton County voters to seriously consider electing a candidate to fill the vacancy left by the Honorable Judge Feldstein when he retired. The office of the county judge is, in my opinion, one of the most important elections we as voters face. And as voters, we have a responsibility to be informed in our decision-making process.

At the very least, I would encourage every voter to ask themselves why are so many elected and appointed county officials including retired Judge Feldstein, the county sheriff, the county clerk, the deputy county clerk, the superintendent of the DPW, the director of probation and a majority of the board of pupervisors all endorsing Tatiana Coffinger?

For me it comes down to this: Tatiana has consistently demonstrated many of the attributes that Judge Feldstein has. She is guided by a strong moral compass, she is knowledgeable, displays excellent judgement, is open minded, fair and above all she is compassionate and respectful of others.

I urge every voter to reach out to any of the above officials and ask them directly why they enthusiastically endorse Tatiana. Like me, they will tell you she is clearly the best qualified candidate to fill the vacancy of Hamilton County Court Judge.


Long Lake supervisor


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