Ex-chief clerk endorsement behind Tatiana Coffinger

I am the retired Chief Clerk of Hamilton County and I fully support the election of Tatiana Coffinger for Hamilton County Judge. I’ve known Tatiana for 17 years. Tatiana has been a law clerk to two of the finest and honorable judges that I have known, Judge Gorden Hemmett, deceased, Washington County and Judge S. Peter Feldstein, retired, Hamilton County. Law clerks are a reflection of their judge and integrity is paramount. I found Tatiana to be a person willing to work hard for her Judges. As the Chief Clerk I worked along side Judge Feldstein for 16 year and I understand the qualities necessary for a person to serve the people of Hamilton County. It takes integrity, kindness, compassion, intelligence and knowledge of the law. Tatiana possesses these and many more positive attributes. I personally spoke to attorneys who came before Judge Feldstein over the course of the 30 years he served the residents of Hamilton County. They expressed how impressed they always were with how he conducted his court and the respect, fairness and willingness to listen he showed families coming before him. Tatiana’s time with Judge Feldstein as her mentor will have served her well.

Before I retired Tatiana expressed an interest in working with Judge Feldstein and his law clerk, Brendan Hanley, researching and drafting decisions, on Supreme Court matters. This is an example of Tatiana’s willingness to take on more responsibilities then just her own workload because her work ethics are exemplary. She goes above and beyond what the job requires and possesses a willingness to be there for the people she works with. The integrity she uses in her research, drafting of decisions, knowledge of the law, reasoning and fairness, these are the qualities that make Tatiana Coffinger the most qualified candidate.


Retired Chief Clerk of Surrogate’s and Family Court of Hamilton County