CO2 fumes are dangerous and climbing rates must be fixed

Many scientists agree that we are at the beginning of the sixth great extinction. Four of the previous five extinctions were caused by excessive CO2 in the atmosphere. Currently, there are 411 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere. 350 ppm is considered the most we could reach in safety, and CO2 is still being added at a rate 10 times that of an extinction 250 million years ago, when the planet warmed 5 degrees due to excess CO2. This is frightening.

Guy MacPherson, a conservation biologist tells us that, once the Arctic ice melts and we lose the ice’s reflectivity, and instead absorb heat into the dark blue ocean, the underlying methane will be released, and Earth will warm very quickly. He gives us five years before we go extinct. However, we don’t know how much Arctic ice is left. Our government will not allow that information to be released.

In “The Uninhabitable Earth” by David Wallace-Wells, he talks about what life might be like by 2100. However, reading between the lines, one gets the feeling that we won’t make it to 2100. He uses words like “crisis,” “terror,” and “horror” to describe future life.

In spite of our technology, actually, because of it, we can go extinct. We are, indeed, only another mammal, another part of nature.

What can we do? Transportation, industry, and domestic use of energy must all come from clean renewables. And we need to do it now. Meanwhile, conserve, conserve, conserve. And stop using drive-thrus. EZ Pass has cut down premature births in residences near toll booths by 10.4 percent and low birth weights by 11.8 percent, since cars are no longer idling there. This gives us an idea of how deleterious CO2 fumes really are.




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