Aggravated DWI is not a ‘mistake’

On June 12, I attended the meet the candidates night at the Wells Community Hall and I asked a very personal question directed to the three candidates running for Hamilton County DA.

My question was, as the mother of a victim of a child involved in a DWI accident which claimed her life, how did they feel about prosecuting DWI offenders?

Christopher S. Shambo immediately raised his hand and walked to the front of the audience admitting he had a DWI conviction and he made a mistake. He also rambled on about his experience and what he had to do in regards to his arrest. However, he was not honest in his admission, he received an aggravated DWI not a DWI. Aggravated DWI is, at a minimum, more than twice the legal limit. The legal limit is 0.08 percent and aggravated is 0.18.

He made a choice to get into a vehicle and drive after a night of drinking in downtown Saratoga with people on the streets, putting everyone in his path a potential victim.

This was a choice not a mistake!

It is sad to even think he is even considering running for this position. A person running for this position should not have arrest records and convictions.

If Mr. Shambo or his loyal supporters think I’m out to ruin his run for candidacy they are mistaken, he made the choice and did this to himself. I simply want to inform the voters of Hamilton County.

My choice is to vote for Dana J. Beyer, he knows personally how I feel about this issue. He also stated that his daughter was recently a victim of a DWI accident and was hospitalized as a result and he has no reservations about prosecuting DWI and aggravated DWI offenders.

Please vote wisely.





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