Wishing Mr. Bowe luck against the use of eminent domain

I have been following the story of Mr. Robert Bowe’s battle with the Fulton County supervisors and the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency over Mr. Bowe’s land in Hales Mills. I may not have the exact location but I am moved by a taxpayer who has property of value who expects to pass it down to his family or the profit of the land to his family being denied that opportunity.

Way back in the beginning of this dispute, didn’t the planning agency know that land was privately owned? Shouldn’t they have asked Mr. Bowe what his plans were for his property? If he didn’t want to donate it at a loss as they are suggesting for a park, they should have looked elsewhere.

The article suggests there will be new housing and it is zoned for commercial and retail use. I wonder, are they going to make a profit off his land, but are unwilling to pay him a fair price for it?

I do not know any parties involved — it just bothers me to see a few in government take from a landowner. This seems wrong and we all should speak out against it.

I wish Mr. Bowe good luck in his battle against those who are out to make financial gain on his loss.