Watch for the ‘poppy ladies’ to help support the veterans

Watch for the “poppy ladies”

Who are they? “Poppy ladies” are members of the American Legion Auxiliary. They are wives, widows, daughters, nieces and granddaughters of veterans. Here in Northville, the American Legion men and auxiliary use to march in parades, host bingo and run the hot dog and hamburger stand when “the Doins” were held on the Legion grounds. The building is gone and the land now is the Northville Post Office.

The number of men in the Legion has slowly gotten lower — death and old age are two of the greatest causes. The ladies auxiliary presently has seven active members.

The poppy was inspired by the poem in Flanders Fields written by WW I Col. John McCrea. The poppy is 100 years old and Congress has made the Friday before Memorial Day National Poppy Day. This year it is May 24. Poppies are made by disabled veterans to support other veterans. You make a donation and get a poppy. The money raised by the Northville Auxiliary enables us to send goodie bags (snacks, juice boxes, candy, puzzle books, pens, and playing cards) to the veterans at the veterans hospital in Albany.

We sent 150 bags last year due to the generosity of people. Thank you. When you see us out May 24, and through Memorial Day, stop and support our efforts for our veterans. Your change and someone else makes a dollar. We owe them a great debt of gratitude for the sacrifices they made for us to enjoy the freedoms we have today.

Look for us at the Memorial Day parade and as in Flanders Field is read, take time to think about the words and thank a veteran. Thank you.

A proud “poppy lady.”


Northville American Legion Post 1076 Ladies Auxiliary



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