Vote for Patrick Leo for Mayfield’s Board of Education

Even though I don’t have a vote in the upcoming Mayfield Board of Education election, I would like to recommend Patrick Leo as the best candidate for the single seat up for election.

My children went to Mayfield schools and I personally think the system is the best around. It is and always has been a caring system that has consistently put students first.

To be completely honest, Patrick is my nephew, but that is not why I am writing this recommendation. I am writing this because I believe and care for the Mayfield school system. I have seen Patrick mature into an intelligent, honest and caring father that I know would help the school board make progressive and informed decisions for the district. Knowing Patrick like I do, I know he will put in the necessary time and research to educate himself on any subject that comes in front of the board to form an educated opinion that would benefit not only the taxpayers, but the students as well. Please vote for Patrick Leo for Mayfield Board of Education on May 21.