The governor has bowed out of education oversight

With the passage of a new law that removes the mandatory use of state testing results in the evaluation of teachers (a totally wrong-headed idea), it appears that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has finally given up his attempts to control the education system in New York and to punish the teachers’ union which refused to endorse him in recent elections.

For instance on Jan. 3, 2013, a headline in the Albany media proclaimed that, “Cuomo touts school changes!” The article featured ideas from the a group of high ranking business and education leaders and even some New York state legislators which resulted in nothing.

Additionally, the governor, in his State of the State speech in January 2012, appointed himself the chief lobbyist for students, according to him the only group in education who do not employ lobbyists. It appears that the governor has either lost interest in that position or that he is the quietest lobbyist in the history of lobbying. The governor has had nothing to say about the failure of the teacher evaluation system he personally crafted.

It appears the governor is officially out of the business of education. That is a good place for him to be.

Former teacher and coach at Gloversville High School.


Slingerlands, Albany County