Place blame where it should be; shame on the taxpayers

Taxpayers should be ashamed.

I understand why taxpayers of Johnstown voted the budget down but it was wrong to do so. They blame teachers for the budget issues which is wrong of course.

The blame squarely falls on the previous boards and superintendents who failed to do the jobs that they were elected to do or hired to do. Plus the inequity of the way the state of New York funds education is another problem.

My concern is that many good dedicated teachers will be lost, but especially the kids will suffer. If you take away sports and extracurricular activities you may have taken away the one thing that will keep these kids on the straight and narrow. Remember adults, someone paid for you to do all the things in school that you enjoyed which also allowed you to make memories that will last a lifetime.

I am a proud 1984 graduate of Johnstown and I am glad the people of that great city allowed me to have all the things in school that made me a successful adult today. City residents please do the same for the kids of Johnstown today.


Ballston Lake