Past administrations have caused this tax levy mess

When I first heard about the tax increase proposed by the Greater Johnstown School District, I was shocked and said no way would I vote for that. I attended a presentation by the superintendent, asked questions, did some research on my own, and although I still didn’t like the idea of the big tax increase, I began to see where it’s necessary and there is really not a better choice.

I then met one on one with the superintendent and I believe she and her assistant are working very hard to do what needs to be done in a very difficult situation. I believe they are being truthful and transparent about everything, something I think prior administrations may not have been.

After the one on one meeting, I sat through another workshop and gained more knowledge.

Some take aways I got from all this is that we are paying now for the sins of the past, when prior boards and administrations tried to look good by either no tax increase or small ones of one or two percent, thus using up the fund balance.

Another is that the state likes to mandate a lot of things, but does not like to help with reimbursements or is slow to make them. And when our former mayor had the city assessments go to 100 percent a couple of years ago, he did us no favor, because it made it look to the state like property values here had increased, thus effecting the tax levy and other things bringing this whole situation to the boiling point.

With all that said, I have decided I will vote yes on the budget when the time comes. The time has come where we have to just suck it up, take the bitter pill and make our school district well again.