More should be done to keep public aware of budget votes

Today (May 10) I learned that there was a public vote held May 8, approving an increase in the tax levied upon Gloversville property owners for the Gloversville Public Library. As a property owner in Gloversville, I would like to ask how and when this public vote was advertised. I did a simple web search and the only indication of advance notice for this public vote was on the library’s own website. So I guess if you don’t check the library’s website every day, you won’t be notified of the library raising your taxes and hence you don’t to get to vote on it. No wonder only 242 people in a city of how many thousands voted?

Public entities such as the Gloversville Library must do a better job of advertising and notifying their constituents if they plan on raising our taxes without our input. And not everybody is addicted to social media platforms like Facebook or Instachat either. So that excuse doesn’t work either, nor does saying it was advertised in The Leader-Herald. Not everybody in Gloversville reads that either. There are at least three other newspapers that are circulated in Gloversville that I can think of and I read two of them every single day and saw nothing of the library budget vote increase.

If you want to raise my taxes, at least give me a fair chance to vote for or against it in the first place. Isn’t that what the Boston Tea Party was about?



Editor’s note: The legal for Gloversville Public Library publicizing the May 7 budget vote ran on March 23, April 23, April 30 and May 1 and a story on the vote ran May 7.