Help is needed to keep Memorial Day tradition alive

To the friends in our community:

The Gloversville Parade Committee has continually worked to ensure the tradition of remembering our veterans and those in our armed services. With the state of the world, it is even more important to continue to remember and support those who have kept us safe and allowed us the freedoms we have everyday.

The Gloversville Parade Committee has had to reach out to individuals, businesses, trust funds and etc., to cover the cost of the Memorial Day and Veterans Day parades and programs along with the purchase of 3,500 flags for the veteran’s graves. We are now reaching out to you, the people in our community, and appeal to you to help and be part of this important cause.

The Gloversville Memorial Day parade is the largest parade in our area in participants and spectators. Your help will ensure the ability to keep this tradition alive. With rising cost, the financial support of people like you, is most important. This is our only appeal for funding and we hope you will take part. All donations, of any size, will be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to help continue this tradition in our community, please send your donation payable to the Gloversville Parade Committee to Mrs. Linda Bullock, 28 Fifth Ave., Gloversville or Robert Perrella, 23 Fay St., Gloversville.

We thank you and all of the generous people in our community for your time, your financial support and your desire to remember and honor all our veterans, today and everyday.

For the Gloversville Parade Committee.