Giardino has proven his worth, vote for him in June

I am writing to express my support for Richard Giardino in his bid for re-election as Fulton County Sheriff.

I have known Rich both personally and professionally for many years. No one has more extensive experience than Rich. From his duties as a volunteer firefighter, a village police officer, Assistant DA, District Attorney, and judge, he has a firm grasp on all aspects of the law and public safety.

He has brought much professionalism to the Sheriff’s Department. He has brought in new equipment and has reinstated navigation patrols. He has demonstrated a willingness to work with other local agencies as well as the state police and federal authorities.

Rich has maintained a steady hand on the tiller and I see no reason to make a change at this point. There is no doubt that he will continue to operate his department with knowledge, professionalism and fairness. The safety of the citizens of Fulton County is his primary concern.

Please vote for Richard Giardino for Fulton County Sheriff.


Retired police chief