Editor missed the mark on response to library vote letter

The editor’s reply to my letter about the poor dissemination of the upcoming library tax increase vote was right on target for a small town paper. [Her] reply was that it was advertised multiple times in The Leader-Herald, which I am sure it was. Sadly the editor missed the point of my letter entirely and [her] reply was right on par with the narrow sightedness of the library itself.

My intent was to inform the general public as to lack of oversight by the library committee to expand their focus to a wider audience than just to The Leader-Herald readers in Gloversville. To further enhance my position doing a simple web search again The Leader-Herald has a distribution of approximately 5,000 daily papers in the city of Gloversville which has a population of approximately 14,951. And of those 14,951 less than 20 percent of the population even voted for or against the tax increase measure.

So once again I will state that public entities like the library, which tax the public to operate must do a better job of informing and or advertising the public on a wider spectrum of advertising platforms and or sources as to their intentions when it comes to taking more money from the taxpayer.

Merely stating that they advertised it in the local paper does not cut it. Do you think every single person in New York City reads the New York Times?