Do we want more misuse of school money?

I’m writing this letter with regard to the OESJ School District and the pending school vote.

The building project for the elementary school called for a new auditorium even though there was already an auditorium at the high school. How much is it going to cost for heat, air conditioning, electrical, insurance, etc. At the high school, a section was taken down which housed the maintenance garage. No plans were made in the new construction to replace this garage.

Now there will be a proposal on the ballot to buy a building on South Division Street in St. Johnsville to the tune of $70,000. Why when the plans were made wasn’t it included since now it is so necessary. Where will the money come from if this is approved by the taxpayers and what will be the cost of maintaining this building?

The former superintendent was here when $8,000 (which was budgeted money left over from cleaning out D.H. Robbins School) was used to build a round about which was recently dismantled. When money is budgeted for a specific project but all of the money is not spent on that project, it should be decided by the board what to do with it. Could this be considered misappropriation of funds? If so, the members of the board are responsible for the actions of the superintendent since they are considered to be over the superintendent. There are three board members that were on the board when all of the above occurred, two of them are again running for school board.

Ask yourself, do you want to continue with more of this irresponsibility and waste of taxpayers money? Remember this year taxes are going up three percent. If the budget is passed, what will it be next year?


St. Johnsville