A motive I can now understand

I don’t get it. What do almost all Democrats in Congress, their allies among the general population, and in the press want? Obviously, they want to impeach the president. Why? Indisputably, he hasn’t done anything to warrant impeachment (and no, I’m not buying the tortured reasons the obstructionist elements in Congress put forth. For example, many dems say that Trump has “manufactured a crisis” at the southern border — nonsense! Anyone with two eyes can see that there is in fact a major crisis there.)

So what’s really up? Well, Trump has made several promises to his constituents and to the American people in general, some of which he has already kept. Indeed, he has a reputation for keeping his promises; please, keep that in mind as you read on).

I suspect, however, that one promise in particular is at the heart of the anti-Trump movement. And it has nothing to do with any of his forward-thinking ideas and improvements to date — such as let’s pursue a fair deal for the U.S. in its tade dealing with China.

So I ask again: What the hell is the hang-up?

Oh my God! It’s Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp.” If we accept Trump’s claim that, under previous administrations, the federal government was and still is shot through-and-through with corruption (the likes of which made President Grant’s administration look like a model of incorruptibility), then the motive behind the Impeach-Trump movement begins to make sense. The explanation goes like this: “Let us — the incorrigibles — weed out Trump before he weeds us out.”

That’s what’s driving most of Trump’s enemies, the motive being simply self-preservation.

Now, that’s a motive I can understand.